Independent Reg 44 Inspections

Fulbridge provide an Independent Reg 44 service for companies governed by OFSTED, we believe our service is professional, affordable and provides a valuable support structure to homes so that they are compliant with all standards outlined within the Children's Home Regulations 2015. Fulbridge have been providing independent inspection reviews since 2012 to children's homes nationally and have in this time established ourselves as a trusted provider.

Fulbridge provide a monthly Independent Reg 44 Inspection Service to Children’s Residential Homes which is compliant with regulation 44 requirements outlined in The Children’s Home Regulations 2015. Our inspectors are qualified, vetted and independent professionals from the field of Social Work, OFSTED & Children’s Home Management, the inspectors will visit operating homes on a monthly basis where they will measure practice in accordance to the standards set out in the National Minimum Standards for Children’s Homes.

When a client has confirmed that they are interested in using our service for either a one off or a discounted annual sign up, our Reg 44 Co-ordinator will arrange either a telephone or face to face consultation to answer any questions and explain the process in detail. Once inspection is completed, a detailed and comprehensive Independent Reg 44 report is produced and the report and its findings will then be forwarded directly to the responsible person outlining recommendations for action and timescale. Our review officer will then forward a copy of the independent person’s report to all required parties.

Fulbridge Social Care have created its Independent Reg 44 Service to support individual and national providers in increasing standards within children’s social care and therefore providing better services and environments for young people to achieve and develop that are outlined within the national minimum standards.

Our inspectors are there to both monitor performance and provide recommendations for service improvement, our inspectors will always offer guidance, acknowledgment and praise for good practice. Our team of Independent Reg Inspectors are used by our clients as an insurance to ensure individual homes are compliant and ready for OFSTED inspection and to comply with the standards set out within The Children’s Home (England) Regulations 2015.


Return Home Interviews

Fulbridge Social Care also offer our clients a trained, vetted and qualified consultant to undertake a Return to Home Interview for homes with young people that are returning after running away. The statutory guidance explains that a return home interview is ‘an in-depth interview and is best carried out by an independent person who is trained to carry out these interviews and is able to follow up any actions that emerge’. All Local Authorities should make sure young people have the option of a return to home interview.

The purpose of a return interview is to Identify and deal with any harm the child has suffered either before they run away or while they are missing, understand and address the reasons for running away and help the child understand that they have options and provide them with information on how to stay safe if they run away again.

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