The Care Certificate

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You can now undertake the nationally recongnised Care Certificate online via our Fulbridge Training website, for futher information please visit or contact one of our trainers on



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We would like to welcome all Fulbridge Social Care employees into their own members area, you will find important documentation to help you within your role and helpful links to different areas of the company.

First Placement

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On your first placement please ensure you arrive on time and with your DBS certificate, id and timesheet. If you have any questions before your first placement then please call the office on 01733703214 and ask to speak to a member of the rota team who will answer any questions you might have, they are available 24/7 as we have a dedicated out of hours’ team. Once you have agreed to undertake a placement then the rota department will forward you the address, telephone number and any additional information about the specific home. On arrival, the home will introduce you to the team and the young people within the home and will go through care plans, procedures, daily routine and tasks.

We also suggest you take bedding such as a sleeping bag and pillow If doing a sleepover in a new setting, and take a pack lunch just in case the food being cooked is not to your liking. For waking nights please ensure you get sufficient sleep beforehand and after all shifts please forward your signed timesheet straight away to

Please also be aware that if a home requests you to use your own car during your shift they will need to pay you fuel allowance before you use your car which homes are aware of as Fulbridge is unable to pay for mileage whilst on shift. (If you do use your own car whilst on shift to transport young people then please only do so if you have the relevant insurance) If you are unable to attend a pre – booked placement then please ensure you give a minimum of 15 hours’ notice so that the rota department can find an alternative person to recover.